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Privacy Policy

The Humor privacy policy is outlined below, broken down into the following categories: server logs, e-mail, cookies, and updates.

Server Logs

Humor maintains server logs, as does virtually every website on the Internet. These server logs automatically record IP addresses of visitors, pages requested, etc. This information is for statistical purposes.

Again, virtually all websites maintain server logs. Humor is no different in this regard.

However, this information is not personally identifiable. That is, it does not contain your name, address, phone number, or any other personal information. Thus, your personal information is safeguarded when visiting Prevent Suicide


Humor does not collect any information to try to harvest e-mails for sending spam. Indeed, Humor does not know the e-mail address of any visitors unless they choose to send an e-mail to Humor

And all e-mail addresses that are received through incoming e-mails are not rented, sold, shared, or given to any company for any reason.

You will thus never receive spam because of visiting or sending an e-mail to Humor


Humor does not use cookies of any kind.

Privacy Policy Updates

Humor may update this policy at any juncture. So please feel free to view this policy on a regular basis.



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