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Funny Audio Clips

911 Hamburger Call

This is a real 911 call!

A clueless woman calls 911 because she does not like the way her hamburger was prepared.

911 Hamburger Call

German Language Lesson

These are some essential words and phrases that they never teach you in school. Listen carefully to the phrases and repeat several times...

Funny Song: Dear Penis

A hilarious country song about a man's turbulent relationship with his penis. Written and performed by Rodney Carrington.

Dear Penis

Intercom School

You can learn to be a professional intercom person at this accredited intercom school!

Press on Testicles

From the company that bought you "Press on Nails" -- now you can get the ever-important press on tecticles!


Much better that OnStar -- this is BlondeStar, designed to help blondes when they experience emergencies in their vehicle.

Vibrator Recall

A woman receives a call about a vibrator that she recently purchased...seems that her vibrator is not only defective, but dangerous! (Her boyfriend called the DJ to get this prank going!) And the victim, Donna, at first says she bought the vibrator as a gag gift, but then confesses to "daily use" of the vibrator.

911 Taco Call

This is a real 911 call!

Meet Antoinette Jones, who is not only a raving lunatic, but also a racist. It seems Antoinette has an urgent problem with a taco and needs immediate law enforcement assistance, so she spews profanities and demands an immediate response -- but then she uses the "N" word and says not to send a black cop. This woman is nuts.

911 Taco Call

The Mechanic

A woman receives a call from her mechanic who tells her all kinds of crazy (made up B.S.) things are wrong with her car. She buys it all -- hook, line, and sinker!

Chinese Takeout

A DJ calls one Chinese restaurant to order takeout; then calls a second Chinese restaurant and tells them to read the order back to the second...Confused? So were they. Check it out...

Steven Thrasher Call

Steven Thrasher is a tad upset when he calls tech support to talk about his computer problems.

Stop Putting Down my Penis!

Randy calls a radio talk show to complain about people making fun of his penis.

Funny Song: In a Yugo

A parody of Elvis' "In the Ghetto" song.

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Funny Audio Clips, Funny AudioClips , Funny Audio Clips, Funny Audio Clips , Funny Audio Clips

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